Did You Know Social Media Can Soar Your Marketing To Higher Heights?

It is a fact that the world has gone digital and consequently businesses are taking the advantage of advances in technology to advertise their brands hence boosting their profits. Over 5 million brands are advertised on Facebook and over 80% of all buyers in the United States first do an online search before going to the physical outlets.

What does that mean to you as a business owner? If you don’t make some online appearance you will lose greatly. This could be the reason why some of your customers prefer your competitors to you hence making your competitor stronger. Before you, your customers completely vanish make some plans to make your business count in the digital world.

Social media has been core to economic development especially when it comes to digital marketing and it is doomed to continue benefiting many business owners. There are over 3.2 billion images shared daily with many spending more than two hours daily translating to over 5 years in their lifetime. You can make your business stick in the minds of every person who visits these platforms.

Whether you are a start-up, small, medium or large business, you can market yourself using this powerful advertising tool in our millennial generation. It is a great task to make your brand known especially if your products are unknown and perhaps when you’re a newbie.

You can lighten up your social media page to avoid boring many. This is part of the greatest strategy to lie down. To make your social media marketing yield, consider these outstanding facts related to social media:

Social Media Usage

It is a fact that young people interact more with any social media outlet than those aged between 55-64 years. By 2017, social media users were staggering at 121 million young people being the majority. 96% of those who speak about your brand aren’t the followers of your brand. Many users share your brand with an aim of helping others.

When it comes to Facebook, the highest number of users is from India followed by the US while Brazil and Indonesia compete for the 3rd position. With more than 8 billion videos being watched daily, over 5 million Facebook users are minors thus be careful what you post in this platform. Women make the highest number of brand boosters of which 58% of them follow favorite brands.

On Instagram, there are over 231 million followers where 80% of them follow a single business profile and 200 million of them follow these brands closely. 85% of top brands like Instagram because it is twice as popular as Snapchat.

YouTube is known for making the majority of video uploads monthly than the top three broadcasting networks globally. It happens to be the closest search engine to Google with 3 billion searches every month.

Twitter is also a great platform with 336 million active users where they tweet 200 billion times every year. More than 53% of its users want a response from you as the business owner within an hour thus be vigilant. 80% of users use their smartphones to access the social media thus making your website phone in a friendly way.

More than 81% of women trust Pinterest in getting reliable information thus you can consider it. Those visitors through referrals may not complete a purchase like the ones who just land to the platform. Most of the customers on Pinterest usually spend more than Facebook users.

It is true that you can make your brand grow by using these digital marketing platforms; all you need is to come up with the best for your business. Nevertheless, understand the terms, conditions, and rules in each of them while considering the one that will crash your competitor.


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